Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Mailbox photo collections (lack of)

It seems there must be a blog or site dedicated to a collection of photos of mailboxes. Somewhere in my stuff is a photo my mom took of me, at the age of three or so, standing tiptoe to try to look in our mailbox right after my mom had stencilled the mailbox. I hope I find it again someday. I think it's in an envelope of a dozen of my best photos which an acquaintance took to scan for me when scanners were new. He had them on a webpage that's gone now, and the photos are in an envelope he returned and... It's somewhere. Yikes.


If anyone knows of a solid, regular collection, please leave a link below. I'd like to link it on my wheelbarrow blog. I would have called my blog wheelbarrow.blogspot, but someone already has that; also wheelbarrows... Bummer. Someone has mailbox.blogspot, too, but there's only one single photo from May 2012.

I found these smaller-than-a-blog collections:
23 Pleasant Mailbox Pictures
17 Pictures of Old Rustic Mailboxes
Here in ‘Merica, we love our mailboxes (34 Photos)
I take photos of my own mailbox sometimes. I wish I had more, of all my mailboxes ever (though there haven't been that many). Take a picture of YOUR mailbox!!

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