Saturday, May 24, 2014

The only connection is me

Just sayin'…
Earlier this month, I saw August Osage County in which the character of the only teenager among much older relatives says she doesn't eat meat because it's eating an animal's fear.

This week I'm watching the Robin Hood TV series from 1955. A character is eating his own food rather than sharing a feast, and says venison is bad to eat, because deer live in fear, which causes melancholy humors, "which when eaten causes a superfluity of yellow bile: gall."

I'm the juncture of those two; I connected them by seeing them both in a short space, and telling you about it.

I'm having lots of fun with this series. Because it's black and white and they were half-hour episodes, each disk has 13 episodes or so, and there are 143 in all. It will take most of the summer.

The music is good. Costumes are fun. Props are great.

They were made in a studio that doesn't exist anymore—Nettlefold—that sold most of its equipment to Shepperton Studios, where many favorite and famous movies of the past few decades have been made. I love following little trails like that.

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