Sunday, June 01, 2014

Minnesota symposium done, and nicely so

Pam Laricchia, Alex Polikowsky and I spoke in Rochester (I'm writing to my future self, and my few readers) this weekend. There were families (or at least parents) from nine states and provinces:

Of the Canadians:

3 Ontario
2 Manitoba

Of the Americans:

8 Minnesota
2 Wisconsin
2 Iowa
1 Illinois
1 Kansas
1 Washington (state)
1 New Mexico

Very nice people, LOTS of kids, cleanup was easy, no damage to the site or equipment and very little to people (headbump, a couple of minor upsets, but mostly peace and play.

I'm writing from my quiet recovery last night in the Grand Kahler hotel. I slept the afternoon away sweetly and peacefully thanks to the hotels efficient black-out curtains. When Pam and I went to lunch in the hotel, we were told it had been raining since the night before. We couldn't hear it or see it, from the conference area. Rochester is like St. Paul, downtown, in that you can get from building to building through underground passageways and second-floor walkways and not need to go out in winter weather (or spring rain).

I'm happy with the way the weekend went, and I love hotel rooms, so I'm happy here right now. I'll be home Tuesday night and I have orders for a book and some Thinking Sticks to pack up and mail Wednesday, and a chat, and I'll be back to routine, and home. I will be happy there, too.

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