Tuesday, February 03, 2015

A camera I had when I was seven

My sister asked about a photo of her, and when I went to find it I found four others I probably had never scanned for her. If she had seen them, it had been many years.

I sent the first scan, and a note, by e-mail, and figured I should save it here and try to find the rest of that roll of film, from 1960, gradually. I'm up to five of them.

The note to Irene:
I took this photo with a camera someone had given me. The film had to be put in by an adult in the dark, so I guess it was 35 mm plain-old film.

I only took one or two rolls with it, ever. I have a few photos from Ft. Worth and a few from New Mexico, so it must have been that summer we moved. I probably got it for my birthday.

Mommy took us to a fiesta in Chimayo. I took it, to take pictures. It was left in the front seat of the car and I cried to go back for it, but it had been stolen. She left the car unlocked and windows down. People just did in those days. We saw horse races in some field, and bought food from little stands, and went home. No photos of that day. I didn't get another camera for a long time.
I had written on the backs of the photos, in my seven-year-old writing. Though they were dated October 1960, that's when they were developed. They were taken in summer.

We were in the Ranchero Motel for a month, I have always thought. We were there at least one week into the school year. So MAYBE I got this camera for my 7th birthday. I don't remember getting it. My birthday is July 24. If we left for New Mexico after my birthday and moved to the rental house on McCurdy Road a week after school started, that might put all these photos in summer of 1960.

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