Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Hearthstone Magnet Frame

This isn't news, but for the record, to keep this in a cool place.... Once upon a time Kirby lived in Austin and had a photo of his parents, and a magnet that made a frame. So for a while, we were (on Kirby's fridge only) a Hearthstone card. He, Destiny and Devyn moved to Albuquerque in early 2015, and things were rearranged.


Unknown said...

Hello Sandra,

My name is Brian and I enjoyed looking through your site and reading about unschooling. What caught my eye was this post on Hearthstone.

I am starting a website that provides parents with supplemental math worksheets. The catch is my worksheets use a video game, Hearthstone, as the framework for questions. The questions are word problems that cover topics from basic arithmetic to statistics.

The students I have given these worksheets to love them and keep asking me for more. My worksheets cover up to 8th grade math and are in line with common core, but the best part is that students want to do them.

Do you think this is something parents would be interested in? I would appreciate your feedback as you have a lot more experience than me.


Sandra Dodd said...

Brian, you're welcome to leave a link to your site here if you want to.

Unschoolers tend to learn the math without worksheets or formal instruction, but there are surely some families that would be interested. Sometimes a kid decides to go to school for sports or music or something, and needs to "catch up" or learn mathematical notation.

There must be a fuzzy edge between the families that let their kids play games and don't use a curriculum, and those who require a homeschool curriculum and forbid video games. :-)

Here's more about math and unschoolers:

Sandra Dodd said...