Wednesday, January 03, 2018

Ivan Dodd

Ivan Odysseus Dodd was born December 28, 2017, at Presbyterian Rust Medical Center in Rio Rancho.

Day 1:

Day 3:

Day 6:


Sukayna said...

Just beautiful! Many congratulations to you all- In the second photo, is that the Keith/Marty wise look you once described? Sending warmest wishes for this period of adjustment and exciting changesđŸ˜˜❤️ Sukayna

Sandra Dodd said...

Baby Kirby gave me the same "dirty look" I had always thought Keith was giving me. I apologized to Keith right then and there.

Marty, as a baby, looked very wise and thoughtful. So does Ivan. :-)

Sukayna said...

Oh! Sorry to mistake one child for the other! Ivan looks thoughtful in these photos, and I remembered a story of a look on one boys face and Keith. Again, wishing you all the best!

Pure Potential said...

Many congratulations, Grandma Sandra! My 3rd child, a second daughter, was born the same day, about an hour earlier! LOVE the photo of the video game controller next to his head. Daddy still has his own life and interests! Enjoy your grandchild! What a life he's going to have with an open-minded grandma like you!