Thursday, January 18, 2018

KRST Radio (history)

KRST (for "Crest"), one of the best early FM stations in the 1970's, was my favorite.
They played rock, from albums, of the late '60s and the then-current 70's.

Here was their logo, for a while. I scanned it from some program or other, but I'd had a nice glossy vinyl sticker of it back in the day.

I listened to that station every day, in the car, in the house sometimes. One morning I turned it on and it was country music. Current country music.

No warning. A complete change.

If anyone knows what day that was, leave me a note. Wikipedia says it was 1980, Urban Cowboy that did it. It very likely had to do with the country line-dance craze that replaced disco as a singles-bar activity for lots of people. I thought it was earlier than 1980. I'm curious to know.


Unknown said...

I found this news clipping from Billboard magazine on December 13, 1980 asking for record service because of the switch from AOR to Country format. Most likely the format flip happened shortly before that date, so Wikipedia probably has the correct year.

Unknown said...

I neglected to include the link in my previous comment. I apologize. Too many things happening at once!

Sandra Dodd said...

I hopt this will make it clickable.

Thanks for finding more info!