Tuesday, March 05, 2019

Things I can see this week

What I see from where I'm sleeping. Keith is right over there. If you came here to read about Keith, click here. The doorway look like it opens into a sunny vista with greenness, but it's just a wall. Because this room was dark, the hallway seemed lit up like The Emerald City or something. Contrast.

I don't want to take a picture of Keith. His hair hasn't been put up the way he likes it, and he's a little tubey. Intubish.
(Also it's against policy, and decorum, so I won't tell you what hospital we're in or which department, and don't ask.)

Out the window, though, is the roof of some of the 1st floor, in the foreground. Center is Hokona Zuni, with Zia to the left—dorms I lived in when I was 17 and 18. The first year I lived there was the last year it had its own dining hall. 1970/71. The second year I lived there was the first year it was a co-ed dorm instead of all-girls.

To the far left is another paired set of dorms, Laguna/DeVargas. I lived there as a senior. They were nearly new when I was in there.

You might notice those photos were taken at different times of the 24-hour clock.

The top of the parking structure has an unobstructed view of the western horizon. Wow! THIS would be the place to come to watch balloons. I wonder if people already know that and it fills up? All you have to do to get up here is to drive 5 mph through about a quarter mile of very tight spirally parking lot, in the dark, before you pop out into "There are the volcanos; where are the balloons!?" glory.

It was only shady for being 7:15 a.m. Much of the time it's full sun. My van doesn't care, but today I didn't make it to the top, because someone had left me a spot right near the elevators. This is as close as I park to my front door at home! I am commemorating this today, because it will never happen again. NOTE: It happened again the very next day, very same spot.

I looked carefully to make sure there were no signs like "this space is preserved for pregnant law enforcement officers," or "employee of the month" but no... unmarked and empty.

So as days with comatose husbands go, this one is a good one, and I wanted to share some of the views (and save them for my own nostalgic future).

Added in late March, two things:

Link to the next post, "Better Days"

And I did see some balloons from the top of the parking structure one day, about eight of them.


Sylvia Toyama said...

I've seen the view from the top of that parking structure and thought it would be very good for balloon viewing. I think most Albuquerque folks see vistas around town with an eye to balloon watching.

Sandra Dodd said...

When I came back Wednesday night, I got that very same remarkable parking spot. I'm grateful for any little joys. :-)

Sandra Dodd said...

The third day, on the way up the spiral of the parking lot, I thought "If that spot is open again, that's a message from God."

It wasn't, so I thought "God is saying 'You're not all that.'"

The day after that, the same perfect place was available, but on the level 2, not 3. "Psych!"

God was sending me mixed messages, or messin' with me for fun, or there is no God. Still, I've been pretty successful at getting spots near the elevator, but I'm also willing to go all the way to the top to do it. (To level 4, I mean; not to God.)