Friday, May 30, 2008

Kirby, Hannah Montana and the last Friday in May 2008

The first photo is Kirby in his kitchen in late April. There is a story behind the fact that there is a Hannah Montana poster inside their pantry door.

In Holly-Land it has become a pantry-door slide show!

Last Friday I didn't know it was Friday. It seemed like Saturday for four days in a row.

1. For me death is the opposite of creativity.

2. Harry Potter #7 whatever it was called was the last excellent book I read. (I have read parts of interesting non-fiction since then, but they don't earn "excellent," just "made me think," and sometimes what I thought wasn't what the author hoped I would think...)

3. I like fill-ins because it's like international parallel play, and I like to read what other people wrote.

4. In nature I like looking at trees that grew oddly, or clouds, or nests and burrows, or prairie dogs, or tree bark, or rocks, or lizards, or arroyos or how the snow sits piled up on things when it falls dry and still, though that last one is best seen from inside a warm house, and you're not going to see the lizards or prairie dogs the same day you see snow.

5. David Cook should win the US elections. OH!! You mean for president? The person with the most actual votes should win the US elections. (Bummer we don't have the technology to actually count votes and do away with the goofy electoral college. Oh wait! We do!)

6. The last time I laughed with all my belly was probably at something Holly said, because she makes me happy.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to (thinking....) ... I have no plans this weekend!, tomorrow my plans include admiring all my plants being bigger—I put the moonflower seedlings out in three places, and Sunday, I want to continue plan-free, as a huge luxury!

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Janet said...

LOVE your answer to #4...and I adore moonflowers, good luck!

Thanks for playing, hope you had fun this weekend :-)