Sunday, June 01, 2008

grumpy old women

"I've had an inkling for mushroom quiche for quite some time."

Random kid; random quiche

I didn't write that. I went looking for commentary on high altitude quiche cooking times because mine is still too wet after an hour, but the crusts were frozen and I put a big bread pudding on the shelf right above them, so I figure the oven had to work to stay hot, and mostly I'll just leave them until they look done even if it takes two hours.

But I found the quote above, and it bothered me. "I've had an inkling for mushroom quiche for quite some time" is an "EEEK!" But then that means I'm one of those old people who think (and say) that young people just don't know how to use English.

Do I have an inkling the author isn't good with English. No. I have way MORE than an inkling that she's thoughtless about her words. I'm positive she's using words without knowing what she's saying.

One can have a craving for, a yearning for, or be jonesin' for mushroom quiche, but an inkling isn't had for love or money. Inklings are had about things. "I had an inkling that mushroom quiche would go over well with that hippie crowd" is a possibility. Inklings are like twinkles in their daddies' eyes. They're small, they trip brain circuits. The aren't cravings. They take the preposition "that," not "for."

Damn people like me. They take all the fun out of splashing wildly in the vocabulary pool. Splash away, just don't inkle on my quiche.


Anonymous said...

"Do I have an inkling the author isn't good with English."
Is this irony?

Anonymous said...

"Splash away, just don't inkle on my quiche."

Though my memory isn't what it used to be - I'm going to really, really, try and hang on to that quote in my brain so I can pull it out at some completely inappropriate moment! (VBG)

Thanks for the smile! Lori

Sandra Dodd said...

Lori, at first I thought "a funeral?" but I guess if you used it at my own funeral it wouldn't be inappropriate.

This wasn't written as well as it mighta-shoulda-been:
"Damn people like me."
I didn't mean "Damn, people like me!"

I meant "Curses upon people such as I" or so.

AEdward said...

.....perhaps she was preparing a design of a mushroom quiche on her inkle loom.....


AElflaed of Duckford said...

AEdward, your compassion and understanding put me to shame. Perhaps you are correct.

Probably not, but maybe.
More like, if you were right, she would be warping up a tapestry, warp 5!

Anonymous said...

Yikes, it'll take me forever to get caught up here.

(I hate Hannah Montana hype... )

Going to read now.

Deb Lewis said...

Maybe she had a hankering.
Folks around here get hankerings.
As in, "I got me a hankerin' for some a that there qweesh."

Deb Lewis

Sandra Dodd said...

My granny used to get hankerings.
Sometimes she'd pine.
She had inklings, and she said so.

Land o'Goshen, she would say sometimes, just as an intro to something emotional. When my boyfriend from India was visiting by granny and papaw with me once upon a 1972 or so, he asked me quietly why she was saying "Atlantic Ocean."