Sunday, June 15, 2008

internet site maintenance

About six months ago, my computer got as messy as my desk. About six days ago, my internet sites did too. So I'm spending some time going through webpages and cross-links and that. If anyone finds errors and problems on my sites, I would seriously appreciate any notices of typos or glitchy formats.

Oh! I have a question/problem about one page in Internet Explorer. It's fine in Safari and Foxfire:
If anyone sees what I need to change, I'd love to make it work. There should be words flushright under the art.

I have unschooling pages, SCA pages, personal pages,
some that are none of the above,
pages on other people (I think I love those best--some are links to writings, some are photos and quotes)
so comments, corrections (not about tree bark colors; that's all fine), dead links—I'd love to know.


~Katherine said...

I tried your links on IE 5.2 for Mac but have yet to try it on IE with Brian's PC. The link for Peaceful Parenting goes through a redirect but it gets there pretty quickly. All three links for the Xanga site board books do get through eventually (slowly) but on return to your page via the back button something causes my IE to freeze (which really might have nothing to do with IE and everything to do with some Mac incompatibility)

Jenny Cyphers said...

The links for the books are underneath the book. I can see that they are there and click on them, but I don't know what I'm clicking on, except the half of the first letter for each link.

Sandra Dodd said...

Jenny, are you using Internet Explorer?

I know that's what it looks like there, and I'm hoping someone who's familiar with html will look and see what I might change to make it look as good for IE as it does for Firefox and Safari.