Monday, April 20, 2009

Darwin, Kirby, international pancakes (my house)

Here's a very brief video of Darwin McNeill and Kirby Dodd putting an end to the talent show at the HENA conference in Tempe last month.

See the kitchen in the post below this? That's where I was sitting, too, for the Monday chat. We talked about various things and when it was nearly over and so 5:00 at my house, I commented that I had eaten a banana, some pecans and some M&Ms during the chat so I wasn't hungry enough to really feel like making dinner. Tammy, who was in Australia on Tuesday morning, said she was about to make pancakes, so I said *I* should make pancakes, only it was dinner. Schuyler, who was in England at 11:00 pm (nearly Tuesday) said I could make macaroni and cheese pancakes, and so I did.

I made macaroni and cheese pancakes because someone who lives in New York City was talking about what restaurants might be okay to take a two year old to, while someone in Australia was making breakfast, and someone in England tied those things together.

Are live chats cool or WHAT!? Way cooler than mac and cheese pancakes, it turns out; Keith liked them, and Holly thinks Kirby would like them. The rest of us ate them and thought "interesting, but..." we like macaroni and cheese and we like pancakes, and why mess either one of them up? The third photo is sausage and fruit salad, which was made because Holly bought a jar of sugar palm fruit and thought it was too sweet for anything, so I made fruit salad with it (and grapes, pineapple, banana, mandarin oranges, coconut, cream cheese and cream).

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kelli said...

We made the pancakes after Schyler mentioned them a few months ago. And enjoyed the youtube video about it. Same reaction around our house, Kyra really likes them and has had them subsequent times. The rest of us kind of also went "interesting..." :)