Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Crazy little dreams

Probably not crazy.

I dreamed I missed a piece of wood and hit my thumb with the hatchet, but didn't really hurt it. Didn't cut it, didn't break the skin.

I woke up and wiggled my thumb and it had been asleep. My whole hand was asleep. Good info.

Next dream: I slipped on one of the stairs going down to the front door. I recovered and didn't fall.

Once I did slip there, carrying boxes. Landed in a heap, afraid to get up. Real life. All three of my kids were there, in the room. Kirby was maybe 13; they called Keith. I didn't get up for a while.

I dreamed I went to the university, but UNM was portrayed by a former college in Denver with all the buildings stuck together. In the dream, I left my shoes in a classroom, and went back later to get them. In the same dream, I lost my laptop. It was later found, but I wasn't reunited with it before the dream ended.

When I woke up (just a while ago) I figured the message might be "be careful; keep your shoes on; walk carefully; don't space out." Maybe the message is stay home. Maybe the message is "still sick and taking Nyquil is going to give you odd little dreams." Maybe the message is luck might not always hold out. In the dream I didn't fall or cut myself, and I still had my shoes and my computer at the end.

Sometimes I like dreams. This batch matched, so that should be considered potentially significant as a subconscious mood or need-to-know, but they weren't fun to be in the midst of.

Oh. Remembered another one. Had signed up for three or four classes. Didn't print out my schedule. Hadn't been to classes for a week and a half or two. Didn't have my laptop to check. Ashlee told me the other day what a semester of tuition at UNM is. YIKES! I was totally wasting money. (It was way up from the $310 for as many hours as you wanted, when I was first there in 1970-71.)

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