Friday, January 01, 2010

Look at me; I am old, but I'm happy

I'm thinking about a new year and a new decade. This is the decade in which all my children will probably leave. One and a half are gone already. But "already" is an interesting word for someone my age to use, as many people my age are grandparents. I have a cousin who's been a grandmother since her thirties, another since her 40's. I'm nearly 60 (as decades round up; I'll be 57 In July of 2010).

I will state a plan and a wish without elevating it to the level of "resolution." I hope this year I stay home more and pay more attention to the house and my stuff. I've been playing Mad Hatter's Teaparty with "my office" and the sunroom and the sewing room. I've stirred them to the point that there are things in each room that should be in another room altogether, and many things that should be put up on eBay or dropped off at the thrift store. Those things aren't going to rearrange and deliver themselves.

I have two possible-not-definite trips, both involving unschooling and speaking, and if those materialize that's fine. But as to leaving voluntarily for fun, I don't expect to go much much past this county. I'm going to Sandoval County this afternoon for a shape-note sing, so good thing it wasn't "a resolution"; Santa Fe County next week, but that's been planned for a long time.

That top photo reminds me a little of the sun on Teletubbies. These two are what I look like to my computer today.


Frank said...

You will still be here tomorrow but your dreams may not.

Me, I'm hoping to ride the peace train into this new decade.

Happy New Year!

Shannon Dee said...

Oh! Love the the "not-resolution". I, too, have a room holding lots of things that would be more useful elsewhere, or living at somebody else's house (Dora VHS's, anyone?!). Maybe this winter...

I'd love to see what you are considering for've got cool stuff!

May your 2010 be as calm and joyous as you please!


Happyface said...

Aw, Sandra, you're a pretty woman. I like the 'not-resolution', too! But I'm feeling pretty resolved this year, so we'll see if I should know better than to do that. ;)