Friday, January 29, 2010

Pixie Lily and the zombies

This morning during the chat, I showed myself my lily, which bloomed today. Holly, who worked at a flower shop for a while, came by later and just unceremoniously stripped it of its reproductive stuff... all the pollen, and she flicked it into the trash. I was shocked! That was part of the color! She felt bad. It's not like this lily had any other lilies to reproduce with, and Holly did it so it wouldn't make a mess.

I'm nearly over the trauma now.

In a week or two stick this in the yard somewhere in hopes that in Spring 2011 it will be alive enough to cough up another bloom. If not, it was still nice to watch this one open.

My e-mail started working inexplicably during the chat, after 24 hours or so of just not working at all (outgoing mail). I should be glad, I'm sure, but it would be nice to know what hangs it occasionally.

It's Friday and it's overcast and spooky-looking outside. I hear music Marty's listening to in the bathroom. Holly's gone to a coffee shop with Caiti. Keith's still at work. My world is still.

Oh! This just in from Kelly Lovejoy's Facebook page:

Marty is well prepared.


Miranda said...

OMG! LOL. I love that bumper sticker. I don't ever actually apply bumper stickers, but this one might just have to be displayed!

Sandra Dodd said...

It turns out Kelly's selling them. I've ordered two!

From her facebook:
They're $3 if they're hand-delivered or picked up at my house. $1 extra for shipping to you.

Kelly Dunlap Lovejoy
118 Steeplechase South
Columbia, SC 29209-4810

or Paypal: kbcdlovejo at aol dot what, y'know

Heather said...

Those lilies can be messy. they make me sneeze and sneeze and sneeze but I always leave them in tact with the pollen spreading all over the table. I don't know why. I guess it's some sort of reminder of the cycle of things. :-)

I'm getting that bumper sticker in a week!

Sandra Dodd said...

Next time you have some Pixie lilies, Heather, I'll try to send Holly over to neuter-alize them for you. :-)