Monday, February 01, 2010

Fountain cat, dancing girl, rainbow shadows

Nothing important here, but the evidence of some of the interesting bits of the past few days.

There's a table fountain in one end of the kitchen, and the cat was drinking out of it. By the time the camera was out, the cat was through drinking out of it. I do not begin to have the means or desire to try to make a cat drink out of a fountain as a photo opportunity, and so it was gone too soon.

The angle of the sun has been improving, regarding the crystals hanging in the kitchen window. I noticed I was part of the shadow in one of the rainbows on the pantry door the other day and pulled out the camera. I could recognize my hair, but didn't know what the long thing was.

(a chopstick, stuck in with the pencils, on the fridge door)

Without knowing I had already taken such a set of photos, Holly pointed out a rainbow-shadow on the door of the library, across the room. It's harder on this one to see the rainbows on the flowers, but they're there.

And here's Holly dancing at the store. You might need to tilt your head or your computer there after a while. I forget movies can't just go sideways that way.

And Holly with our fat black cat, Shadow:

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