Thursday, February 18, 2010

Scattering and Gathering

Today was big and small, dramatic and calming. I dreaded going to the dentist. I started dreading it yesterday, to get a good dread going. But it wasn't so bad at all. Only the dread was really bad.

Then I remembered I had lost my debit card and went a couple of places to see if I had left it there. I searched again in all the clothes and books and papers I had had in the last two days. I looked under the seats in the van. I asked Marty. I asked Holly. I asked Keith to look online (again, as he had looked last night) to make sure it hadn't been used. It hadn't. But on the account there was a check for over $800, not our check number at all. Our checks are in the 7000 numbers on that account, which I've had since the mid-1970's and added Keith to later.

Keith was on hold to the bank when I left for the post office with eight books to mail. He called me there and said our account had been hacked and we would have to close it. But the good news was that my debit card was at the post office! I had dropped it on the floor and someone had taken it to the counter. They didn't call, because they knew I went there every day to mail books. Only yesterday, Keith asked me to work on taxes and that took two and a half hours and I missed the post office.

So I was happy to have my card, only unhappy to think it was connected to an account we were going to need to close. And it didn't sound right. A check with a 10xx number? A check. Not a withdrawal. The credit union is right across Juan Tabo from our back gate, so Keith walked over and I stopped on the way home from the post office. The oddity was was an electronic check to CarMax. We bought my van from CarMax just lately so at first I thought it might be an unscrupulous person at CarMax, but it wasn't at all. It was an account number nearly like ours, mis-entered, and it was easily fixed.

So although the day started in a dark and jittery way, by 5:00 all was dentisted, mailed, recovered and made right!

Marty is in the photo below, in the yellow hat and the scorpion tabard (baronial guard tabard). I lifted it from Facebook, and it is by a photographer I don't know, so I hope she won't mind.

"Kate Doster's Photos - Estrella War 2010"

When Holly woke up she said she was glad Marty was home. He was gone for six days.

While Marty was gone a few homely things happened involving the cat, a pot of catnip; the hottub, some bubbles... Nothing frightening, nothing bad. Just nice life stuff:

This is Nuee, on top of two boxes of The Big Book of Unschooling. I was going to unpack them yesterday, but noticed she was lying there, with her face next to, and sometimes in, a pot of catnip. So I left them. Today I had the camera when she was face in the catnip.


Glenda said...

"to get a good dread going" -- That totally cracked me up, and I'll have to remember it for those times when I do the exact same thing ;-).

Glad you found your debit card, and got the mis-entered account number thing cleared up. So you don't have to close that account after all, it was just a bank error? I sometimes go a week or more without checking our account online and having $800 erroneously taken out of it could create havoc at certain times of the month!

Your kitty was digging the catnip :).

The bubbles were AWESOME!!!

Sandra Dodd said...

Glenda, don't do it! Don't get a good dread going in your life. Let me be the bad example you all don't follow, about stewing about the dentist or ANYthing!

Anyone with more ability to be cheerful and brave should do that, and then I'll have a good example to inspire me!

Glenda said...

LOL Sandra. I do have to make a conscious effort sometimes to not let the dread get going. Pretty nearly all the time, the actual thing is never remotely as bad as I anticipated it would be!

gail said...

I have a "good dread going" about a doctor's visit tomorrow. Am trying to breathe and hoping my day tomorrow turns out as good as your did :-)

Sandra Dodd said...

Gail, I wish I could transport there to help distract you and make you laugh and not think about anything spooky or dreadful.