Monday, February 22, 2010

Holt Quotes, and Something Sexy (and amusing)

Hand-written John Holt quotes wanted, just for the heck of it. Dan Vilter and I did a couple a few years back for Always Learning, but the project stalled. We can go again! Look how easy it will be for yours to look nicer than mine!! Just regular handwriting. There are John Holt quotes here if you don't have a book at hand to find one from:

My backwards handwriting is also my 8th grade, 13-yr-old handwriting.

And now for something completely different:


Lynch Family said...

When we saw that commercial during the Olympics I fell off the couch laughing!

John Holt quote, coming your way! (Snail or scan?)

Sandra Dodd said...

Either way, on the quote. I can scan it.


Lynch Family said...

Couldn't get my scanner to work, popped it in he mail, then realized I picked the same quote as you. That has always been a favorite.

I'll write out another one too.