Friday, March 19, 2010

Holly last week

Tomorrow Holly goes to Canada until July. We're doing last-minute gathering and preparations.

This is her doing something her friend wanted to do last week. I think she had more fun making the signs. :-)

it just started to hail, and I need to take some books to the post office. The chat went well this morning. Now Holly's listening to a Donovan song called "The Rules and Regulations." No relation. I mean they're entirely related, but she's not listening to it because that was the topic of the unschooling chat today. She wasn't in the chat.


Katy said...

I'm all ready missing her for you! Richard has gone away for a week before, that was hard. Months and months could be excruciating. Good thing there are cell phones and computers and such!

Lynch Family said...

Evie once asked why it was always hugs that people were offering. I asked what she would offer. She shrugged and replied, "Free chicken dance partner." We started doing the chicken dance right then and there and asked people to join in as they passed--we did get a few takers, but then we live in a college town!~