Thursday, May 20, 2010

Holly... soon!

I get to see Holly in two weeks. I'm visiting at Bea's house for a few days on the way to the Great Big Happy Life Conference in New Jersey.

Holly has uploaded a bunch of photos to her photobucket account, and I'm going to share some of my favorites. They're clickable.

(well, everything is clickable, I suppose, but these will go somewhere)


Unknown said...

Sandra, my four-year-old, Kelly, just pointed at the picture of Holly holding the fork and said, "Oh! I like that girl so much!"


Sandra Dodd said...

Does she recognize her from the conference in San Diego? Or does she just like the looks of her?

Lynch Family said...

At first glance that third picture looked like her hair was striped, (she is taking off her pullover). I was going to ask how she had done it--it is just how I would like mine!

Maybe I'll start wearing a pullover on my head . . .