Friday, May 07, 2010

yard, thinking sticks, flowers, cat, cloud

At the end, the moon was in the sky, but my camera phone can't see the moon, I guess.

The still photo of the flower is the first of the iris batch, but a couple of days later they were open in three different parts of the yard.

The thunderhead was a few weeks ago. You can see the verga (rain not reaching the ground) beneath it. It was not nearly sundown but the cloud was so dark and the sun so solidly behind it that it went dark. Keith and I were at the grocery store where the windows all face west, and it got suddenly like dusk.

The cat is Nuee. The sun was coming up on the east side of the house. She was watching me work in the yard.

The last video is about Thinking Sticks. I've been working on enough to last me through the summer conferences.

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