Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Just the top end of me

This is what I looked like to Cheryl Etzel last time I spoke at the HSC conference. I should be careful not to look so much like that this year!

Her explanation:
In 2006, at the HSC Sacramento Family Homeschool Conference, I was
sitting very close to the front of the audience while you spoke on a
quite elevated stage, behind a large podium, obscuring you almost
completely from my view.

Normally, the obscured view of a speaker would move me to a new seat,
but your voice and passion moved me to sit still and carried your
message, perfectly. I found your face interesting in the half-sy
view provided by my too-close seat, and wound up doodling this drawing.
She gave me permission to share it. Here's part of my response:
In just a few lines, you drew something no one has ever mentioned to me, but I'm always aware of it. My cowlick is right at the front of my hair, and so one side goes up and one side goes down. I've known that since I was a teen, but the fashion for straight hair was parted down the middle, and there it still is. My mom's hair did that same thing, too.
Before Sacramento, I'm speaking in Montreal and New Jersey, but I don't expect a high stage and a podium.

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Joy Crazy said...

I think it was the elevated stage that made the difference!