Monday, January 24, 2011

people complain about pushing buttons

Dear Miss Gonzales,

You were right.

Sandra Adams
(4th grade, 1962-63)

Louis C. K. on Conan

"Now you watch a movie and you take a dump and you're home."

HEY. Not India. THREE movies, at least. And some sleep, TWO meals and several snacks. It takes For-EH-ver.

The link to that video was offered up in a facebook exchange. I'll bring the cogent bits:
My fourth grade teacher told us in 1962 that when we were grown, people would complain about having to push buttons. At the time, I doubted it. She also told us there would be little computers people could carry around. She was talking about calculators. But sure enough, I complain about it taking ten seconds to load something, and today I used Holly's phone, and was slightly indignant that the button I pushed to hang up (where it is on my own phone) turned on the speaker phone.

Caren Knox send this:
Sandra - have you seen this? "Everything's amazing, and nobody's happy"

I try to remember this when I'm thinking, "Ohhhh, my gaaahhhhh, this site sure is taking a long time to looooooaad!! On my phoooooooonnne!" Take a minute, breathe. I am carrying a computer in my pocket! Amazing!

Holly commented the other night about a John Sebastian song that says "And hey, Pop, my girlfriend's only three; she's got her own videophone and she's a-takin' LSD." People DO have their own videophones now. And not that big Jetson's thing that looks like the original iMacs. :-) But tiny, in their pockets! Mine is also a 5 megapixel camera that does panoramic photos and video. But it's two years old; kind of outdated. YES! And I went to 4th grade in 1962 and I'm still alive.

When I aim a cursor at "publish post," this will be immediately available to friends and strangers all over the world. I love these communications toys and tools.


Cally said...

Risking sounding like an old man out of Monty Python, with respect to people complaining about phones, and how he used to have to stand by the phone and dial a round dial..... we really had it tough - when I was a kid we had to turn a handle to make Morse code rings on a party line - we were long-short-long whatever that is, our most commonly called neighbour was s - short-short-short and the operator was just one big long.

I drive my kids nuts by constantly raving about how wonderful modern technology is: computers, Kindles, mobile phones, food processors, satellite tv, this wonderful internet. I love it :) =she says waving to Sandra who is in New Mexico while I sit here in New Zealand=

Sandra Dodd said...

I have lived with an outhouse (outdoor toilet involving a wooden seat built into a wooden shed, set over a deep hole in the ground--partly to clarify for New Zealand and partly to describe it to people born in the past 20 years).

I had cousins when I was young who had a crank phone, but they had to crank it and then talk to an operator, who plugged their wire into someone else's... uh... hole.

AND they had a well. Not a drilled hole with a casing and an electric pump. A hole in the ground with a crank and a rope and a bucket. We drank water from a shared dipper. OMG. We could have gotten GERMS!!!!

pete said...

Thank you for the belly laugh...hysterical!!!


Happy Campers said...

We were watching The Jetsons the other day, & I got a good laugh. Judy needed to talk to George, but he was on his way to work, in his FLYING CAR. But she was very upset that she couldn't reach him until he arrived at the office. Because he didn't have a PHONE with him. HA!