Wednesday, January 19, 2011

a sweet testimonial

I just got a note from one of the Edinburgh moms involved in planning my visit there in late May. I'm really thrilled about getting to go to the UK again, and plans are starting to firm up.

"we're soooooo excited about your visit, there's quite a buzz happening - i love that when everyone's tingling with the anticipation of something new :o) can't wait to meet you & have the opportunity to chat to you in real life. right now whenever i'm having moments (like my 8yo keen to read but not quite there yet, 13yo hooked on ps3 and online games, 11yo looooovvvvviiinnnnng her 'friends' dvd box set, 18mth old baby staying up til 3am, hubbie not so sure all of this is positive..... ;o) i just pick up one of your books & read a few pages & feel much more in tune with everything. "

I get to visit lots of people and places, and I'm grateful to Keith and my kids for being willing to let me go that long and to many families for welcoming me and finding cool things for me to do and see.

I'll get to see Helene McNeill and family, in France! (Helena the Fortunate, in some people's parlance.)

For anyone who comes by this and doesn't know about my books, they are here:
Moving a Puddle and The Big Book of Unschooling


Lynch Family said...

We visited the Edinburgh home. ed group back in 2006. We attended a meeting and potluck--a lovely group of folks. My favorite thing about Scotland was the playgrounds and the Transportation Museum in Glasgow. Have a wonderful time!

Would love to see you at the InHome conf. in Mar but realize I am just not much of a conference gal!

Sandra Dodd said...

Jen, I don't love huge conferences either, but here are a few intending-to-be-smaller gatherings, specifically about unschooling:

Not as close to you as Chicago. Closer than Edinburgh. :-)

JoAnn said...

Oh how jealous I am! I lived in Scotland for almost 3 years as a child and want to go back one day. Any chance I can stow away in a suitcase?? :) Can't wait to see pictures.