Saturday, January 22, 2011

Warm, safe Saturday

Holly and I have been playing with songs, for over two hours, though we didn't decide to do it. It just started naturally. I play a song and then she does. I was using iTunes and she was using YouTube, but she went and got her old computer at some point, where her iTunes are.

The first hour or so Keith was in the other room, working a jigsaw puzzle and singing along.

Holly just played "You know I'd Rather Be With You," by Me First and the Gimme Gimmes. She played "I Wanna Be Loved by You," and I said I knew it by Betty Boop, so we sidetracked into watching a video of Betty Boop, and looking up who did the song first. Helen Kane recorded it first but the Betty Boop rendition was by Mae Questel who did Betty Boop's voice and also did Olive Oyl on Popeye. I told Holly that the same way she gets old sitcoms on TV, we used to get old cartoons that had been played before movies at theatres, so I had seen lots of Betty Boop and Popeye as a kid. I learned tonight, though, that they're the same voice, thanks to Google, Wikipedia and Holly's interest in the music of the 1930's. There were other "Oh, hey!" sidetracks to talk about cover versions.

Holly was just going to hang out with friends, and opted out of one invitation because the people had been drinking and they're catty-corner across town. The next invitation sounded better, so she's about to go out.

Marty and Ashlee are downstairs on the couch near the fireplace. She's wrapped in a blanket. Marty has his laptop, but they're watching "My Name is Earl." My music ended, and Earl and what's his name are singing "Believe it or not, I'm Walking' on Air..." Not very well. :-)

Holly just came out of her room humming, dressed warmly, wearing her glasses, and humming, "Come Softly to Me," by The Fleetwoods, 1959.

Two nice new notes:
Thanks for writing about a puddle and utterly changing our lives. We aren't the first or the last to say so, I know, but that doesn't mean we mean it any less. =D

I want to tell you I put all of [the son's name's] curriculum on sale today. Such a huge step for me. I have been keeping it "just in case". Then when re-reading your book this afternoon I came across a quote about not starting on a journey if you take one step but leave the other foot on your front lawn. Something I probably missed the first time I read it or it didn't click with me. So, thanks again for your words and time! My son thanks you also. And my husband.

Marty and Ashlee went out for a drive (time has passed; I was looking for a photo and answering e-mail). I'm going to go and watch Saturday Night Live with my nice husband.

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Shannon Dee said...

I watched Saturday Night Live with my nice husband, too. Very sweet.=)