Monday, August 26, 2013

Apple Pancakes

This is so Destiny can find the recipe, and so I can use this and not need to get the book out.
1½  cups flour
1     TBSbaking powder
¾    tsp salt
⅛    tsp nutmeg

¾    cup milk
1    cup applesauce
2    TBS sugar
2    TBS butter, melted

2    eggs, beaten
Mix first four ingredients together in the bigger bowl.

In another bowl, combine milk, applesauce, sugar and butter.

Add beaten eggs.

Add liquid mixture to flour mixture just until moistened.

adapted from Applehood & Motherpie, Junior League of Rochester, 1981—a book I got as a wedding gift

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Sandra Dodd said...

Dave who left the comment and deleted it, those were good ideas and I like that cookbook too. :-)