Friday, August 23, 2013

Notes to myself

I need some photos from this summer.  So I went into my computer bag and pulled out all the notes I had, and flyers and ticket stubs.    About 100 pieces of paper.  Ten or so are in a pile to save, some to laminate.   About 20 are in the trash.  The rest are in four piles.

I don't know exactly what I meant when I wrote
Gerard David
Christ nailed to the cross
(the dog)
but Gerard David is a painter I've mentioned on my website because of a basket he had, and I saw some of his paintings in the National Gallery in London.  Apparently one has a dog I'd like to see again.

On the other side it says
chicken & leek pie
salmon in lemon butter
sausage and mash
I think I was trying to decide what to have for lunch.
Portrait of Monsignor Agucchi
folded letter
That's something I wanted to show Wendy Neathery-Wise.  Another painting.

By writing this here, I might be able to look them up sometime.  I can throw these bits of paper away.
I might bring images too, later, but right now Kirby's uploading a game and so I'm limited to words.  

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jencircletheworld said...

This list made me chuckle. A few years ago I started picking up pieces of paper I found as I went about my usual life. I found grocery lists, bills, notes, poems etc. Originally I was going to do something with them all. I ended up just enjoying them in the moment and recycling them. I guess it was a trash pick-up project more than a "saving" words project!