Monday, July 28, 2008

Umbrellas and Eggs

This little video is from July 26, when we were getting ready for Kirby's birthday party. The voices in the background are Kirby and Marty. Those near are Holly and me. I show for a bit.

About those eggs... People have asked me how I can get all my boiled eggs peeled so well. Reject "peeled" and think "shelled." First I crack both ends (I do it inside the rounded upper corner of the sink). Then I crack the sides lightly. I put them in the cool water in the pan and after they're all cracked, I roll or kinda knead lightly each one, turning it, and soon the shell just comes loose with the whole membrane still on the shell. It makes really pretty boiled eggs. We were doing deviled eggs that day, but sometimes I do pickled eggs with beets, onion, sugar and cloves (and vinegar, y'know...) and garlic cloves—they turn pink too!

I'll put some photos from Kirby's party before long, but he's leaving in a few hours. Holly's going with him for three days. She took these photos of Kirby, Marty and Brett (who is their friend and also her boyfriend) playing Rock Band just a few minutes ago:

They're still playing, right up above me. I'm so glad to have Kirby home, and to have Kirby and Marty and Holly all in the same room at once. Kirby and I went out and about this morning for a while, and he told me he almost wants to stay, but he knows it's just that when he comes back home he gets the best of everyone, and he's a celebrity while he's here (this is his second visit back), and that it wouldn't last if he were back full time. He likes his job in Austin, but was just acknowledging that the draw of being here is strong. He won't be here long enough for anyone to forget to invite him somewhere or to be grumpy that he did or didn't do something or other.

I have loved having him here.


Heather's Moving Castle said...

That is exactly how I shell my boiled eggs. I started doing it that way a few years ago! Great little video. :)

Anet said...

Cool egg shelling tip, thanks! I always make a mess of them.
I love the bird nest umbrella gear!
Too funny!! Holly sounds a lot like you:)
I don't want my kids to move far away! A few miles... would be awesome though. LOL...

laura said...

we do eggs that way too...can't remember where we learned it...maybe alton brown? but it's great.

the bird nest turning the umbrella is awesome. that is something that would make me get the camera out too. i sometimes say "samuel bring me the camera quick!" funny funny mamas!!

ren says she and i document the hell out of everything!! LOL!

Happy Campers said...

One more fun tip learned from Sandra Dodd! I fight "peeling" my eggs all the time. Hubby loves deviled eggs, but my eggs usually end up with huge chunks stuck to the shell. I will from now on "shell" my eggs the Dodd way :)

Christa said...

What a lovely post. Your house, voices, egg prep...
I bet it'll feel quiet when they go.
Sounds like happy birthdays were had by all.

Lydia Netzer said...

Ooo, I like to roll my eggs around too. I also think there's something mystical about what's in the boiling water that makes the shell come off easier and the membrane release from the egg -- salt or vinegar or fairy tears or something like that. But I can never remember what it is.

gail said...

This is the sentence I like best from this blog..."I have loved having him here" Brenna leaves two weeks from today for college and I can't imagine what it will be like with her gone. I can hardly type it without crying.

I love having her here but know that she is ready to go. I know I will love having her come home but her leaving is just not going to be easy. I'm glad Kirby was home for awhile.