Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Bobby McFerrin, me being behind, but still happy

World Science Festival 2009: Bobby McFerrin Demonstrates the Power of the Pentatonic Scale from World Science Festival on Vimeo.

Wendy sent this. Bobby McFerrin is a genius and has the courage to be different. He could "do the right thing" and be a classical musician. He's doing the weird thing and helping people laugh and learn, to sing and think. There are hundreds of thousands of classical musicians. No one has ever done what Bobby McFerrin does. I'm glad he did it in the days of video recording and easy sharing.

The lyrics game has no pictures. I meant to do that last night but I fell asleep at the computer. I have less than an hour before train time, and I really came in here to deposit the notes from the pile of papers I have here for blog entries. I'm just going to dump them here so I can put the photos on the right days.

Llanharan service:
Church times, Michael Jackson, Peter Pan, fans would wish to freeze him in Neverland forever, like the fans of Elvis Presley, a land where there is no death. Jesus wants us to live at the intersection of earth and heaven. Jesus used potent symbols to go from time to eternity, to go from death to life. Bread from Tesco (dates on foods, mold). The new Poet Laureat, ?Carol Dufrey? (if someone could look that up I'd appreciate it), recent poem called Prayer.

Complete Anglican Hymns Old and New (not the hymnal they used in Carleton Rode); tell about kids, communion, went to sit with parents, showed us their art.

Rhymes for "eucharist":

The chances we have missed
The graces we resist
Lord in thy Eucharist, take and redeem

Sunday afternoon: St Fagans National History Museum, the row houses, the stations of the cross.

Monday, August 3: Llantrisant Parish Church, dedicated to Saints Illtyd, Gwynno and Dyfodwg. Write about the luck of getting in, "Look at that Jesus; what do you think?" the Great War window, the immersion baptismal font under the bell tower, the door, the bell, eight bells, the really old tile floor in the chancel, the floor of tombstones, the Roman road, the castle, the view.

Okay, good. Now I can come back to this when I bring other photos so I'll know where I was.


Shannon Dee said...

Sandra - *bwg*! these look so much like my rapid-fire scribbles! Can't wait to see what they become, all fleshed out and souped up with photos!

I'm loving my virtual tour of places I've yet to see....thanks for sharing!


Lori said...

I agree - reading your "notes" is as fascinating as reading your finished posts! I can almost play a game with myself, guessing what the fleshed out version will say, since I know your writing style fairly well ;-)

Glad you're having a good time. Yes, Marty really did see me at FP in ABQ last Sunday - if he mentions such to you.