Saturday, August 08, 2009

Holly; I love Holly

Holly is in Iowa with Chris Sander's family for a week and a half. Then she'll be at Kirby's house for a few days, and then home.

I wasn't able to upload her back cover art when I was in the U.K., but now it's there. Very nice. Robin Bentley is reading through the manuscript for me. Keith and Holly have found a fair number of typos; it's a good time to find them.

It's a fun project. Going to England and breaking the computer weren't steps toward book completion, but they were steps toward knowing more, so it might not have a more efficient author, but it has a wiser and more knowledgeable author with a better computer case and more in-person unschooling-family experience than a month ago! I got to stay with three unschooling families, all different and all happy.

I hope someday to get back to those England notes and photos, but for now the book needs to be top priority.


Heather said...

I REALLY love the look of the cover. It's so pleasing to look at. I love the yellow too! Bright and sunny. I have one question; What is SUSS?

Glad you made it home safely!

gail said...

Broc and I both love the cover! It's so striking and something I'd pick up and look at just because of the cover. A very talented young woman, that Holly Dodd :-)

Sandra Dodd said...

SUSS is Sandra's Unschooling Symposium in Santa Fe.
I'm not taking reservations yet, but will next month after the Good Vibrations conference.

It's best for families with older children because of the site and the season, January 7-9 in Santa Fe, condos opening to the outside, stairs, possibly snow and ice. And the topics will be toward homeschoolers whose children have been doing it for several years, too.

The presentations will be by Pam Sorooshian, Joyce Fetteroll and me, and all the members of those three families will be there, also involved in discussions and presentations.

Sylvia said...

love the book cover!

Lynch Family said...

I love the phrase (regarding typos) "It is a good time to find them." I am editing a HUGE manuscript right now (not mine) and really needed the attitude adjustment that there IS a time to find typos and that time is indeed now.

Loved the "reports from abroad." You rock!