Friday, August 14, 2009


I've been carrying this around and putting it in safe places for five or six weeks. Now I can spend it.

I liked that someone had artisfied it a bit, and then written what read like "mosquitos." So the repair went from muskeeters to musketeers, and I thought all the versions were cool. So I kinda hoped that one of the musketeers would find this and know that the dollar bill went on its way. I think I got it at the Lota Burger in Socorro, or maybe that's the first place I decided not to spend it. If that's not where I got it, it came for somewhere in Albuquerque.

Holly got to be involved in some photography in Des Moines today and tonight she's at a movie with Chris (or that was the plan). I'm on a four-day-or-so break from the book. I've ordered a proof copy, and a few secret elves are doing a proofing read. My best choices at the moment are housework or reading myself to sleep. I'm leaning toward that soft bed, but Keith's watching wrestling back there.

I'm listening to Ferry Cross the Mersey, and the washing machine.


Shannon Dee said...

I love bills with things written or drawn on them....

"Ferry Cross the Mersey" is one of my all-time favorite songs-just-a-little-older-than-I am.

Washing machines are cool, too. Sometimes I sit on mine and sing Jimmy Buffets "Fruitcakes" album in my kitchen, which has good acoustics.

Thanks for the smile! =)

Frank said...

OMG! Ferry Cross the Mersey? I haven't thought of that song in, let's see, about four decades! VBG.