Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Kelly Lovejoy's Birthday and related thoughts

Today is Kelly Lovejoy's birthday. For those who don't know Kelly, I'll tell you some cool stuff.

Kelly lives in South Carolina where she grew up; she married Ben, who also grew up there. They have a happy house and two sons—Cameron and Duncan.

The Live and Learn conferences were Kelly's idea and design, and several other conferences were spawned from that project, and generally follow her format and lovingly use L&L terminology ("funshop," "passion basket" and others).

Kelly's writing isn't constant but it's solid and she's my favorite kind of writer, which means (in my case) that she writes kinda like I do—straight and heartfelt.

If you want to read some of what Kelly has written and see some more images of her (taken by various others, as are those here; sorry for no photo credits but the Grand Canyon was Kelli Traaseth, I think), go to

If you want to wish her happy birthday and you're not a facebook friend of hers, you could leave a comment below and I'll send her the link.

Have a very merry birthday, Kelly,
and many happy birthdays to come!


kelli said...

Happy Birthday to Kelly! The woman who brought lots of us together :) And yes, one of us Traaseths took the picture, not sure if it was me or Tim, but that's cool.

Shan said...

Happy Birthday, Kelly!! What a woman you are. I went to two of your L&L conferences in SC. And now there are SO many conferences spawned from yours. You must be so proud!! Have a SUPER day!

Sandy Feet said...

Happy Birthday, Kelly!! When I stumbled upon the Peabody L&L conference in 2004, it changed our family 4EVA. Many thanks for all your efforts to spread the magic of unschooling.

~K~ said...

Happy belated birthday, Kelly. Thank you for ALL that you do. It means a great deal to me and my family.