Sunday, July 25, 2010

Birthday Breakfast, Motorcycle Race

Ramona King's birthday is today. Most years since we met, we have a birthday meal together. This morning we went to Garcia's at Comanche and Juan Tabo. She was indecisive [about whether to get red or green chile] and said "Christmas," and they brought her the prettiest breakfast burrito with a straight-line division of red and green chile. The drinks were set down exactly that way—I could see both logos and the lemon overlapped the orange juice (visually).

Then Marty and I went to see Josh Vickery race his motorcycle. We only stayed for one race. He came in fourth, but was in third off and on during the laps. I was a little stressed about the possibility of accidents. I'm a sports-attendee wimp. Also it was sunny. We left our house under a heavily overcast sky, but the far west mesa was only a little cloudy. I had no sunscreen. Had an umbrella. Came home to light, nice rain.

That's Marty in the Learn Nothing Day t-shirt but Josh said he wore his to the track that day, and wished me a happy birthday.

I'm tired.

Slowly breaking news: Josh came in second in another race later in the day and sent Marty's phone a photo of the trophy. I do love this technology.

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Frank said...

Sounds like a fun day to me!