Friday, July 02, 2010

Keith and the benches he made

These are photos of Keith and the top-of-trailer packing artistry. The inside-the-trailer packing job was just as cool, but I didn't take a photo. Sorry.

The benches were made by Keith, and he packed them pretty impressively (as usual). This doesn't show the carving of the handles (cross bracing). I'll look for photos of that and maybe be back.

Clickable images of
the benches after they were unloaded, added 7/6, Keith's birthday:


Anonymous said...

Nice benches + nice packing job! I geek out on packing things well :).


Lore said...

The very best part of Battlemoor for me was Thursday or Friday evening (I forget which one, because things got so chaotic with the weather ;-). It was Gunwaldt, Steffan, Needham and I (plus Nathaniel of Clan MacKillikay) sharing a bottle of Inga's Caid mead at the edge of the party. Steffan had brought it for Mordrake, but he couldn't drink since he was taking pain pills for his back. We toasted Mordrake & old times, and I wished you and Beau could have been there. Sorry I never got to see Keith's benches.