Saturday, August 07, 2010

A gamer wedding

I started to say this was the first gamer wedding I'd been to, but Rob and Ellie's wedding, years ago, qualifies.

So Ryan and Beth got married. That's why Kirby came to town this weekend. The wedding itself had no gamer-geek indicators, but a big batch of not-in-the-wedding-party folk went to our house in the time between ceremony and dinner/reception.

It was interesting seeing them so dressed up, playing the same old stuff. There was a writey-drawey table after a while, as others arrived, but I didn't take a picture because I was playing. It was (as usual) a loud, fun time. It was played (NOT as usual) by men in suits and women in little dresses (or Holly's slinky long dress).

At the hotel, the banquet tables' centerpieces were real game boards, with a cylindrical vase with a rose in the water. All different game boards. Our table had Uncle Wiggly. Not the most manly and impressive one. There was Risk, and chess, and some Japanese strategy map thing. Holly and I walked around and looked, but [doh] didn't take pictures.

I took some camera-phone photos of the edges, but none of them are very good. I'll show a couple of Holly and Kirby, and leave a link to the set. Others will have better images for sure, eventually. Except for some dress-detail of Beth fixin' to hug Drew, I have no bride or groom photos. They'll be around, soon, scads of them.

That's a big group of really nice friends, and I'm glad I get to hang out with them sometimes.

I was on standby to pick people up if they couldn't drive, but Marty and Ashlee found a driver, and Kirby's going to a party from there. I delivered Holly to other doings before it was dark. So I can go to bed now. Big long day.

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Glenda said...

Kirby's expression in the in-the-church picture cracks me up.

Game boards - what a fun idea for centerpieces.