Saturday, August 28, 2010

New desk, new duck

Keith is creating a desktop to conjoin my old college desk, which I've used ever since as desk, or sewing, or desk, or sewing... and a $6 filing cabinet, wooden, sold cheap because it had been outside for a year or more and black widow spiders had lived up under it. Yucko! I have a vacuum and strong spider-courage. The moms were all gone, but the webs and eggs were still up in there. No more!!

And while I'm sitting here using the unfinished table because it rained, and some glue is drying, and it won't be finished for a day or two, keith brought in the mail. Nice long letter from my longtime friend Kate Holford (Marie Heuser) with news about her life & Rob's, and an early Christmas gift. I hung it up where I can admire it for a while!

It's a Holly-wreathed duck. Very sweet.

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