Sunday, September 26, 2010

My favorite art, when I was a kid

When I was younger, I loved storybook art and fairytale illustrations from the Victorian and Art Nouveau artists. This is scanned from a 3" wide clipping from an early '70's newspaper called The Tribal Messenger, a kind of hippie publication that was available around the University of New Mexico in those days.

I used to sit and look and look at illustrations of fairy tales, Treasure Island, King Arthur and Robin Hood. I suppose those illustrations are all online now. If anyone comes by here who knows internet repositories of these things, I'd appreciate the chance to look at some things I haven't seen for a long time.

These probably were largely behind my interest in the Society for Creative Anachronism, in my mid-20's. I had music to offer and to search out, but the chance to wear flowing costumes was a definite draw, too.


Lori Taylor said...

Dang - did *you* ever get to summon Twelve Young Men, when you were Princess? I didn't ... and think we got robbed ;-)

Love, Visc. Lore

Anonymous said... has a large collection of Fairy Tale art, mostly in the Victorian and Art Nouveau style. You might stumble across something familiar. I have a passion for Pre-Raphaelite art, myself :)

Sandra Dodd said...

Thanks, Stephanie! Here's the "lit up" link: