Saturday, September 04, 2010

Nice flowy week

In a while, I'm going to the St. James Tearoom, to their new "home" (custom adobe, it looks like—they used to be in Old Town) with Holly and Clare (the girl she spends many of her days with).

This week I've been watching Star Trek, making quiches, and being on unschooling chats.

There were other bursts of cooking, partly because it hasn't been so hot this week as some. Bread, two days. Green chile stew. Scalloped potatoes once.

And then someone I was corresponding with about my trip to the U.K. next year said she wished I had a daily mailing for unschoolers, so I created one for her: Just Add Light and Stir. Now I'm trying to figure out a visual map of everything I know about unschooling and parenting, so I can move across it in a pattern somehow. That's fun. I have a five-pointed star with strewing/doing at top...

Well here:
1=philosophy,learning, what hurts/what helps upper left
2="subjects" upper right
3=Breathing, thinking, resting, sleep lower left
4=strewing/doing at top, and
5=rules/principles bottom right, and then back to

I realize that some people keep ALL their information on one blog, with topics and such, but that makes no more sense to me than keeping recipes and song lyrics and diary notes in one notebook, so I have this blog which is about what I'm thinking about what I'm doing, or what's happened at my house, and other blogs for SCA memories, the lyrics game, odd connections, news on my unschooling site, and now daily inspirations for Alison Potter (and anyone else who wants to use those). I figure I'll still add to the 100 species blog at some point. It's not a race. Most others I was following quit even before I did, but I like having those photos, records and memories of plants in my neighborhood and in my yard. And I just put something on my quietest "what is this?" blog. I have other things to put there, but I don't guess there's any big rush as it's just my own curiosity.

The aforementioned blogs, which are most of my blogs, are (after "Just Add Light and Stir" and this one here) (the word today/Saturday is "little") (if you have a photo of a mystery thing you want me to include there...)

I add to my own knowledge with these things, and put information where I can find it again (thanks to searches which are easier online than in my house, very often). It others are also amused or enlightened, that's just a bonus.

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