Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Marty escapes

Marty has finished all the homework portions of his three community college classes, so I gave him an early Christmas gift. He's in the other room saving the world from zombies and himself (his game self) from humans. "It’s ZOMBREX. It’s the Gift Of Life." I applaud his escapism.

There are still some class sessions and a couple of tests to go. He's done much better in the math class than he did in English 101. The first few weeks he loved that English class, when they were talking about parts of speech and punctuation, but it got boring and sometimes I'm not much help because I am appalled at the assignments and the grading. Still... I've known MANY more people to loathe English 101 than to enjoy it. And Keith was the same way (and he went to school for 13 years, and they have a genetic overlay).

Marty has been a good and responsible student. At first he did his homework as soon as he got home. Even when he learned to chill a while first, he kept up with the homework. A couple of video games came out during the semester that he would ordinarily have gotten and played, but he decided to wait until the classes were done. Even though he kept hearing his friends talk about the games, he didn't play or buy them. So I was glad to be able to surprise him with a collector's edition of Dead Rising 2. I didn't know it had so much cool stuff. There's a "syringe of Zombrex" (a ballpoint pen, with liquid sloshing in it; it's cute), a prescription pad from the Zombrex company and other fun zombie stuff.

I don't have a photo of him playing, but here are Marty and Sadie, at Jeff's house on Thanksgiving:

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