Monday, December 27, 2010

Wood delivery

We had two cords of wood delivered this afternoon. Because our gate is bigger in back than it was last time we got wood, and because the truck was smaller than last time, he could back up and dump it in the back, rather in the front driveway where it had to be moved one pickupload (or wheelbarrow) at a time, to the back.

Marty and Holly helped sort and stack it, and Keith was impressed that it was done in 90 minutes.

Marty with the beginnings of the organizational scheme.

Keith and Holly and most of the pile.

After they were had been done a while (I had gone on errands).

A lot of that is two layers deep.  Big deal!  All done.

Added later: I had tried to make a video of the wood being dumped, but my phone battery died. At least the truck shows, and Keith and Holly:
(It did hit the basket, but when it touched it he moved the truck forward.)

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