Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Albuquerque sights today

Spider warning.

Some photos are out and about, and others are in our yard. A sunflower grew in our compost pile. There's a trompe l'oeil bunch of cars (with interesting cars near it, today) right behind our house. An interesting spare tire cover on a jeep.

The theme seems to be yellow. :-)

I left the fuzzy spider image so you could more easily distinguish the shadow from the equally black spider, in the better photograph.

In the video below, when I said "him" I knew it was a female but just said "him" because it was big and dangerous. I had killed eight of them, and decided to let this one go so you could see it move (you who watch my blog). One I killed was a small male. One was nearly as big as this one (and is in the photos above, but didn't get away). The others were smaller females.

Mostly I was out stepping on and swatting the big black water beetles (cockroaches, they call them, but they're not the little brown cockroaches that live in houses sometimes). Lost count of those. Fifty or seventy. Each one will fail to reproduce from tonight on.

No one in my family does these late-night raids on obnoxious fauna, so the population was up because I was away for two months.

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