Thursday, July 28, 2011

New blog template, and what I'm doing

My blog hasn't opened well for a week or more, so I stripped it down gradually. Nothing helped. Following some random suggestions in discussions of blogs-gone-slow, I changed the template. I'm sorry not to have the "minima lefty stretch" I was used to, but it's no longer offered as a new option. This will do for a while, then.

Tomorrow is Kirby's 25th birthday. I've been a mom for a long time now.

Things I've been doing online lately are Just Add Light and Stir and information on several pages (still building) about the ALL Unschooling Symposium here in December 2011.

This afternoon, Brett Henry, Kirby, Keith and Marty Dodd at Dion's on Montgomery:


Christine said...


I just wanted to let you know that I am thoroughly enjoying the Big Book that I bought a couple of weeks ago. It is really helping me see education in a new and exciting way :)

and thankyou for Add Light and Stir. I love the random quotes and inspiration in my inbox each day!

many kind regards to you and yours,


Sandra Dodd said...

Thank you, Christine, for the note and for letting me know you're reading those things. :-)

Cap'n Franko said...

This opened pretty efficiently. Before, there were times when I simply gave up after a long spell of nothing happening. Glad you're accessible again.

The Barefoot Crofter said...

Hello - I am just reading the big book too, and thoroughly enjoying it.
Thank you.
Just really wanted to let you know that you can still get the minima stretch template if you want. Go into the design page, and select the Edit html button - if you scroll down to the bottom of that page, the old templates are all there.

Jacqui xx

Sandra Dodd said...

Something about it was keeping the page from loading well, though, apparently, because as soon as I changed it, it loaded fine. Maybe I could try again, though. Maybe they've tweaked it?