Friday, July 29, 2011

Kirby's birthday, part 1

Another batch of people are here. Some had to leave for Friday night obligations, work shifts, etc., so Kirby cut the smaller cake, which is carrot cake. The big one will be saved a bit. It's nearly his birth hour/moment. But he's involved in big conversations about games and costumes and things they've all done. There are people here who used to be over here once or twice a week (or more), and it's interesting to see them as grown men, not teenagers--more confident, better dressed, muscular. :-) Facial hair that's intentional rather than awkwardly accidental. Kirby has some very nice friends.

These are the photos from the set above that I like best:

Jeremy cutting; Kirby, Joey, Holly and Katie watching.

Mikey Hale cutting; same audience.

Holly, Katie, Mikey

Elijah, Holly (behind), Marty, and Bo, acting out some celebratory thought.

Elijah Trujillo, Kirby's four-months-older cousin, cutting water. Josh watching.

Keith, Elijah with beer, Kirby in front, Bo, Marty, Ashlee

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Stephanie said...

So Awesome! Happy Birthday!