Saturday, July 06, 2013

When it rained in Leiden

Monday was very rainy and we stayed home. Each schoolday, the streets are full of parents and children. This day, in the rain, I saw interesting things. I wish I had been watching sooner, because I got the late travellers. Some are fuzzy because it was through glass, and rain.

There's one of a dad wearing a rain poncho, and the lump in the back has little feet sticking out.

THIS was a mystery. Is a mystery.
A girl was walking quickly, right under the house, in a witch costume with a false nose a la Monty Python and the "I'm NOT a witch!" scene. Something like a carrot, tied onto her face. And she was carrying a basket full of apples.

Rippy suggests it might've been her birthday and she was taking gifts for classmates, as is tradition. Poison apples? I will never know.

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