Monday, January 14, 2008

Marty's 19th Birthday

Here's the Rock Band microphone stand Keith made for Marty so he can sing and play at the same time, and the other things, you'll recognize.

Other photos HERE, and more will be added there of later tonight and some of next weekend, as those times come and go.


kelli said...

Happy belated birthday Marty! We love you! :)

Kim said...

That is the COOLEST addition to Rock Band! Well, the little cotton makeup pads Wes taped to his drum sticks so to not keep sleepy parents awake past 2am...that too was cool.

I'll link your post to Wes who just came off a marathon Rock Band weekend held in his room...lots of chocolate milk, english muffin pizzas, new friends...

Happy Birthday to your son, Marty...I truly hope some day Wes & I find our way to a conference so we can meet all these great teens I read so much about!

So happy for you Sandra that your home was full of all your family...August seems like a long stretch for a mom to wait for a good hair-smell'n!

Waving hello from Maine,

Stace & family said...

"Happy Birthday Marty"

I was just reading a post to DD10 that you wrote about Marty and knives and then realised I could show her a pic of Marty from this post.
She was most impressed with the cake!!

What kind of icing are the green & gold bits?

Sandra Dodd said...

That's curling ribbon as decoration. It came from ABC cake shop. Their specialty is that the cakes taste good. That one is chocolate with lemon filling, and I say "is" because there's still some left.

Stephanie said...

Happy Birthday Marty!

I appreciate everything you have shared over the years.

kelli said...

I've awarded you an "excellent" blog award.

You can see what I'm talking about at my blog.