Monday, January 21, 2008

The end of Kirby's perfect visit

It was wonderful having Kirby here. It was sweet every moment. He rarely went out without taking Holly and Marty, and they played Rock Band lots, and sat and talked.

His list of things to do involved some financial stuff with his dad, which they did early in the week, a list of eateries (and he made all but Blake's, I think), people to see (I think he completed the list with his lunch with Will today), and he left happy with clean clothes and good memories, and will have a link to Holly's photos of parties and the trip to the airport when he gets back home.

Speaking of home, a few days ago I looked at the kitchen calendar, which looks like this only more in focus when I have my glasses on, or when the camera isn't set to close-up. And there was something different. So I looked closer. And where I had written "Kirby goes home," he had crossed out "home" and written "to Austin."

Simple but profound and touching.

At the moment, he's on a small Express Jet plane, nonstop to Austin, where his roommate Erik will pick him up. Here are some links to larger photos of the trip to the airport. It was our whole family and Julie Rice-McClure. We took our time, goofed around, talked, joked, hugged and smiled. Kirby was, and is, wonderful.

There's nothing wrong with Holly or Marty. They retrieved a city-owned wheelchair that had been left in the parking lot, to bring it back in and, well... it had wheels and all.


Joanne said...

Yes, I would have been touched by what we wrote also. Great pictures by the way.

Sandra Dodd said...

I'm surrounded by typos today, 2/3 of them mine. I bet you meant "he" and that's what I'm making of it.

Holly took most of those photos; thanks. She's pretty good. And these are from the raw dump. She'll probably crop some and artisfy them for MySpace. The full set is on her photobucket

They're in backwards, with the trip home first. And the probably played with the chair too much, and Marty went the wrong way on the stairs, but Keith and I weren't there to coach (or talk them out of it) because we had gone back to the counter so Kirby could check his #2 bag too, as it had oversized terrorist-useable amounts of toiletries.

Those are my disclaimers, for those who might want to look at more of the photos. In the full set, Marty took a lot of those after Kirby was through security. Some he took over his shoulder without looking, and Holly was jumping into those.

I LOVE digital cameras.

singingfamily said...

I love watching your sweet life from afar. I am running parallel to your universe with my three small running amuk (sp) through the house today. I'm glad you had a nice visit.

Searching for My Willoughby said...

I so enjoyed reading about the visit and Kirby's comment about 'home'. My oldest just recently moved across town - closer to where she works and school and boyfriend. She's been really sick the last few days, and has been coming home during off times. Last night I asked her if she was going home or staying here. She looked very surprised and told me emphatically that she was home but she'd go back to her place to sleep. My heart felt glad with that.

Happy Campers said...

It's always so refreshing to read your thoughts about you much you enjoy your children. My husband & I are the odd-balls in our community in that we, too, get the most enjoyment from spending time with our children...not shipping them off the preschool, daycare, babysitters, whatever. You are a breath of fresh air :)

Zenmomma said...

You've been tagged for the "If I was..." meme. Play along if you dare.

Mary Ann said...

I started to cry when I read the calendar edit -- how sweet! I've been thinking a lot about how to help teenagers grow into adults with their own lives. It is exciting to listen to their "grown up/on-their own" plans, but it comes with a sense of loss. Then you have dear moments like where home is...

Yesterday, Sarah was talking about her home when she moves out. She's positive she would hate living alone, but wants a house with all her friends. She thinks seven people should live in the house. Then she added that since I'm going to be such a fun old lady like Maude in "Harold and Maude," I could live there too. (Apparently, she thinks I'll outlive my husband.) She asked if I could be in charge of the flower gardens so there would always flowers in the house to make everyone happy and feel glad to come home. It's nice to know I'll have a place to live and a purpose when I get old. :)

Sandra Dodd said...

It sounds like a good job, responsible for growing flowers for the house. Very peaceful.

The difference in being an observer and visitor instead of a manager and organizer of one's kids' lives is something moms have gone through for generations and millennia, but it's new for me and I'm trying to be open and aware and appreciative.

harmonywood said...

How very precious about Kirby and the calendar. Home will always be "Home" :)

My son lives clear cross country in San Diego. I tresure his visits "Home" to MA.

Anonymous said...

Phew I thought Holly was injured for a moment!
i there from Nottingham UK. I am a home educating mum with sons 17 and 20.
It's great to hear how free and confident your sons and daughter are :D