Sunday, January 06, 2008

Today I saw...

Sunshine next to a storm.

My birdfeeder (the view from the other end of our library), by telephoto through a dusty pane on the door to the deck.
You can click any of these for a better view.

Our backyard bird feeder is about 15 feet up, but we can reach it from the deck. It's a dish drainer wired to the tree with baling wire, with holders bent to balance a terra cotta plant drain thing. We put two scoops of general bird seed, plus whole seed corn and black sunflower seeds every morning. The rubber-covered wire gives the birds lots of places to perch and wait or hang out.

The top photo has a mourning dove and a finch, and the bottom has two sparrows (one head-down in the feeder).

This also hangs in that tree. Holly took this one; it was in her photobucket. It's a "finch sock" and has thistle seed that they pick out of the holes in the cloth.

So I saw that photo today, but not those very birds today.


Mandaroo said...

I like your dish drainer idea : )
We use those finch socks, those birds empty it out every single day!

Deb Lewis said...

I think your Mourning Dove is a White-winged Dove. And Beautiful.

I like your feeder. Nice birds! (and nice folks who feed them.)

Deb Lewis

Sandra Dodd said...

Cool, Deb! Thanks for knowing more about birds (and so now I know a little bit more too). Most of those we get are plain grey, and I hadn't thought this made it so special BUT IT DOES!