Sunday, January 13, 2008

New Big-Kid Tricks

Yeah, well mostly not so new, but I'm still having a bit of mom-feeling about it all.

Holly wanted to go pick Kirby up from the airport all by herself. Her dad's helping a friend load a truck to move out of state. Marty is in El Paso with Brett Henry, at a weekend-long SCA event. I'm hanging out at the house.

Kirby called and said his plane was late early (sorry) and Holly wasn't there and wasn't answering her phone. He's calm, because he's Kirby. I'm less calm (though I feign calm) because she's 16 and I'm her mom. Also I have no car to go get him if she's had car problems (not my worst fear, my B or C fear), though I could call Keith and get him to try. Holly's at the airport now, though, and in contact with Kirby by phone. They both called me, too. He was early, she was a little late, I worried for ten minutes. Not too bad.

Now they're going to go to lunch and then buy something for Marty for his 19th birthday tomorrow. At some point I'll get to see Kirby for the first time since he left in late August. I don't feel I need to spend a lot of time with him. I mostly want to smell his hair and his head. Odd checklist, maybe. One single urge, but I totally understand it. (Some of the moms reading might too.)

Photos of the arrival, added the next day; click to enlarge.


unschoolingsupermom said...

I always smell the kids heads, they usually try to swat me away. Claire always lets me, she usually ends with a baby kiss. Kyle says it is ok to post his sheriff on your page. I'm ok with it too. Thanks!

Cally said...

My oldest son always assumes I want to see and cuddle my grandchildren: I do, but much more than that, I want to hug and smell HIM. With 3 or my 4 children living away from home, what I miss most is touch and smell. Thank goodness my 17yo 'baby' is still at home and always happy to hug me, dance with me, and kiss me goodnight every night.

singingfamily said...

ah, the smell of child head, is it better than any smell in the world. Occasionally when I am laying with my 2 year old I can still conjure up the smell he had on his head in his first day. I wish they bottled it, I would hold stock in that company.