Sunday, February 10, 2008

If I was... (tagged by Zenmomma)

If I Was ...

If I was a punctuation mark, I'd be ... a period, period; definitely.
If I was a form of currency, I'd be ... medieval French coins.
If I was a hallucinogen, I'd be ... antique blotter acid with little pictures of a quarter moon.
If I was an element I'd be ... nitrogen; useful but easy to ignore. Hanging around plants. Helping dental patients be calm.
If I was a best-selling book, I'd be ... on shelves, in cars, by beds, in book-bags, in windows, on Amazon, BOMC...World Traveller! Spy on other people's back yards!
If I was a philosophy, I'd be ... simple, not 19th century or German.
If I was a thought, I'd be ... fleeting.
If I was a way to understand love, I'd be ... touch.
If I was a boot, I'd be ... tired.
If I was a hue, I'd be ... bright green.
If I was a soup, I'd be ... tomato, looking around for a grilled cheese sandwich.
If I was time, I just might ... go around the world like a best-selling book.
If I was a drink, I'd be ... effervescent.
If I was a play I'd be written by... Lily Tomlin.
If I was a long distance carrier I'd be ... tired, effervescent, delivering best-selling books on time!
If I was this song I'd be ... making people think.

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Kim said...

Cool meme. I might have to borrow it and spread it around. Great answers too.

Sandra Dodd said...

GOOD, Kim! I didn't tag. I'm glad someone's taking it and using it.

If I were not so interested in grammar, I would not be so bothered by a list that went "If I was" but should've been "If I were..."

Zenmomma said...

Thanks for playing Sandra. I really enjoyed your answers.

I know, I know about the "If I were" thing. But the song is "If I was" and I figure Amy was taking whatever poetic/folksy license she wanted. Who am I to change her art?

Ronnie/Drangonfly did though! :o)