Friday, February 22, 2008

Profoundly cute people

Isn't Marty the cutest thing? He's so cute.

Holly went on a photography rampage recently, which is fun for me. And you'll get to see Marty's nail polish if you click this one. ("What's the story on the nail polish?" I asked, when he got up this morning, and he said "We were really bored.") I don't know why he's touching his crotch. I'm sure it was an accident and he's never done it before and will never do it again. That's Brett with him (not the Brett who's usually with him, but the other Brett). They're being cute in Holly's cute room.

And Holly took some very nice shots of our friend Ben/Dermod. And she artfully messed up augmented a photo I took of her.

I'm glad we have a digital camera and I'm glad Holly likes to use it and finds willing victims subjects. Models. Targets.


Mary Ann said...

These could qualify as profoundly adorable. Holly's "augmented" picture is great! Darn! Since Marty's picture doesn't show the nail polish clearly, no black mail is possible.

nunya said...

These are fun, Dermod looks like he's cornered hehe.

Happy Campers said...

That's a really neat picture of Holly. How'd she do that? You have a beautiful family :)

Sandra Dodd said...

Thanks, all.
Mary Ann, click the smaller Marty photo for better nail polish evidence.

Holly said she selected little squares of the photo, changed them one way or another with Photoshop Elements, and stuck them back over the right part of the photo.

Anonymous said...

Your comments leave me busting out in laughter sometimes!! I enjoy hearing of your adventures and your family!

De said...

I *love* Holly's photo augmentations! Always so fun to look at for long periods of time, finding all the little details.

I called Storm in after I got the bigger picture of the fingernails, because I knew he would be thrilled by the large number of My Little Ponys (Ponies?) and he *was*. He said, "I want to go THERE." :~)

Sandra Dodd said...

There are photos of the other pony shelf (to the right of the curtains) here: Most of those are thrift-store finds and garage sale ponies, from the original run (Holly wasn't born, or was a baby, when the first ponies were out). She has some of the new ones, too, but most of those are second or third-hand ponies.

Anonymous said...

Sandra said "I don't know why he's touching his crotch. I'm sure it was an accident and he's never done it before and will never do it again."

Right, mom ;-) Don't you know that's what all the gangstas/ rappers/ wanna-be-cool kids do?

VBG, & love - Lori